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Photo of Eartha with Club BlueEARTHA, double Grammy nominee and winner, is an eclectic rock alternative artist, musician, and songwriter, whose debut CD ”This I Know” captured the attention of DJ’s across the country and proved to be a hit among music enthusiasts.  The project’s maxi-single ”Love Jones” garnered spot #2 among  Billboard’s Top Five Hot Dance Breakouts in 2001.  Having created such a buzz, Eartha set the stage for the success that would follow her sophomore CD ”Sidebars”, which consisted of 15 tracks of soul-inspirational music.  Eartha fashions a distinctly new strain of music that converges the sounds of alternative, rock, and soul.  Like “This I Know”, her follow-up release “Sidebars” was a mixture of rhythmic musical patterns that transcend the generic sounds that have come to be known in popular music. This release, for which she garnered two Grammy nominations and a win, was written, arranged and produced by Eartha with mixes by Chris Puram (Janet Jackson “All For You”; Jermaine Dupri “Life in 1472”). In 2003, Eartha was nominated for two Grammy Awards: Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for single ”I’m Still Standing” and Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album for album ”Sidebars” . She won for best album.

Photo of Eartha with Painted EyesIn the mold of rare self-contained artists, Eartha writes, arranges, and plays saxophone, keyboards, drums, bass, and electric guitar.  Suited with overflowing creativity, dexterity, rich influences, a striking image, and intense energy, Eartha’s presentation and ability to tell a story with music is unparalleled. Eartha’s vocal/chording and arrangements are captivating and engaging. Given Eartha’s previous achievements, her most recent CD ”Ink Dry Blue” was met with high anticipation.


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