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�[Ink Dry Blue] is a hefty sixteen-pack tableau of attitude, balladry, existential angst and almost Zappa-esque instrumental is impossible to pigeon-hole her style.� (Read more)
Lisa Torem, Penny Black Music Magazine, December 2010


�Eartha returns with a romantic, socially conscious work that touches on a potpourri of styles.� (Read more)
Jonathan Widran, Music Connection, December 2010


�Hearts Of Stone, trumpeting the golden age of Funkenstein styled bass playing...and brilliantly arranged electric guitars soloing all throughout the song, sees the American born showing off all her best tricks.  She shares a sound and feel for melody with Brian May (Lead Guitarist of Queen), has a raw and soulful voice and, moreover, she�s got a way with words.  ...she is on a high with simple and moderately sweet melodies, warm background vocals and by showing off her excellent guitar skills.� (Read full article)
Reviews, AltSounds Magazine, December 2010


�Eartha has gone from strength to strength with her fourth record Ink Dry Blue ...Eartha succeeds in creating an album that lilts, croons, and moves in all the right ways.�(Read full article), October 2010


�Eartha continues to trail-blaze.  A radical departure from the soulful Gospel sound of her previous two CDs, "Ink Dry Blue" promises to be more "indie friendly", falling into a very accessible and commercial female-fronted Alt-Pop/Rock,Singer/Songwriter category while not losing sight of her distinctive and innovative appeal that has established her as an original and evocative recording artist with her AAA fans.� (Read full article)
Carrie Jameson, No Depression/The Roots Music Authority, October 2010


�...Eartha�s inaugural opus... is solid if not spectacular as you�re treated to an eclectic mix of retro-soul music.�
Tony Patrick, Black Men Magazine, April 2003


� the tiny Beverly Hills-based AFRT Records for waging one of the fiercest grass-roots promotional campaigns in Grammy history.�
Thor Christenson, The Dallas Morning News, Feb 20, 2003


�The unique vocal style of Eartha earns her two GRAMMY nominations for her  sophomore effort, Sidebars.�
Grammy Magazine, �Grammy�s Round-Up�, Feb 18, 2003


�She's shy... surprising because her style is so bold. She's  5'11" and striking: brazen, colorful clothes, a honey-blonde buzz cut set off by an inviting smile. Her voice - evocative and sensual...�
Rashod Ollison, The Journal News/ Gannett Co. �After Nomination, Now is Down to Eartha�, Jan 30 2003


"Chicken Soup for the Hip-Hop Soul!�
Craig Seymour, Entertainment Weekly, Jan 24 2003


�Eartha continues to break the mold on her sophomore project, Sidebars, from AFRT Music. Featuring a sound that is as unique as her statuesque look, the West Coast-based artist touches her slightly rasped contralto to fifteen very intimate tracks. With sprightly percussion and quirky keyboard frequently marking the compositions, Eartha stacks her own vocals in backing support on songs such as "Loving You", "Don't Hinder Me" and "What If?".
(SN: 10/04/2002). (Read More )
Stan North,, Oct. 2002


�Though her first single �Love Jones� pump dance floors from coast to coast, Eartha serves a higher master than the boogie - none other than God himself.  Her buzzed dome and sculptured, high-style vibe is a long way from the flowing robes of her youth...but for Eartha, God is a real presence.  With her debut album, this artist propels sanctified soul into another realm altogther.
Dan Kimpel, Music Connection �Between Heaven and EARTHA�, Jan. 2002


�If this impressive recording is any indication, Eartha stands poised to become a powerful presence on the modern gospel scene... And anyone who claims to have a "love  jones" for Jesus is just bound to make faith palatable to even the harshest  hip-hop skeptic.
Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide 2002


�This month�s feature article is about one of the music world�s most gifted,  dynamic and promising female vocalists to come along for quite some time. Her name is EARTHA.�
J. Simpson, Managing Editor, Ebony Masterpieces, November 2001


�When EARTHA walks into a room, you notice her... To say, all eyes turn her way is an understatement.�
Debi Fee, Fresh! Magazine, September 2001


�This I Know� is among the best in recorded music.
Lynn Norment, Ebony Magazine, August 2001


�[Love Jones] is set to a super-tight track of beats... It comes in five distinct mixes (the Latin one is no joke)...�
A. Scott Galloway, Urban Network, June 2001


�[Love Jones] is a GREAT RECORD!�
Ronnie �Captain Kirk� Matthew, Starfleet Music Pool, Charlotte, NC 2001


�The Wiz Mix is the sureshot of this maxi-single.�
Chris Nice, Blazin� Vinyl Record Pool, Buffalo, NY 2001


�Eartha is being reported by DJs as a �crowd-pleaser�� Love Jones is an OUT OF THE BOX SMASH HIT, no hype.�
Bobby E. Davis, S.U.R.E. Record Pool, NYC


�This dance-based artist (who, from the photo on the cover of the sleeve, looks very much like a young, well chiselled Joan Collins)... coming on like a Prince-type artist, writes, sings, produces, programmes and plays almost everything on the album. She kicks off with the deep housey-vibed �Love Jones�. She weaves some delicious dancey grooves like �Vision�, �Ain�t Nothin� Wrong, and mellows out occasionally on cuts like the title track and �Shekinah Glory�.�
Kwaku, DJ Magazine United Kingdom


�...both the old and new schools dominate this week's releases, with collections  from Al Green and Delbert McClinton, along with Eartha's funky, spiritual debut, This I Know�
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Contributing Editor/


�New artist Eartha is unique in combining powerful and inspirational lyrics like, �the answers for your life/ Jesus has a word for you� with a strong Gospel influence. Eartha has a powerful voice which overall carries her first radio release �Just Take Some Time�...This song should make inroads onto Hits and R&B laden shows.  Look for this artist�s uniqueness to shine through on this, and follow-up projects.�
Josh Kimmel, Progressive Airplay (PAJ)


�Perhaps the killer cut on the project is the unlikely-titled "Love Jones".  [Eartha's} husky sounds highlight this opening track, which is an sparsely-melodic love song to Jesus laid over a syncopation-riddled groove.� (Read More)
Stan North,


�Eartha is undoubtedly one of the more talented people to come this way in quite some time.  She does it all, and did it all on her new AFRT Music release entitled �This I Know�. It is a bit different...she starts you in one direction and ends up doing a double reverse, sending you in a totally different direction.  �Love Jones� [one of the cuts on the album] has an eclectic, bouncy feel to it... At a recent performance in LA, the youngsters were bouncing all over the place, loving it.�
Eric J. Chambers,  Publisher,
Jazzpel Journal Magazine


�The once-traditional gospel style of a lead singer with a mass background choir has given way to a solo performer singing over R&B and jazz instrumentals.  Witness Eartha�s latest CD. An extremely gifted singer and songwriter, Eartha presents listeners with beautiful, soul-shaking gospel music. The lyrics stir the hearts of listeners and inspire them to become humble and give praise to the Creator.  This I Know is a blessing, and listeners will want to pass it on.�
Gloria Blackmon, Detroit City View


�Interest appears to be building for "This I Know," the debut release from contemporary Christian/gospel artist Eartha ... the girl can really sing.�
Lisa Collins, Contibuting Writer/
Billboard Magazine, Issue: May 6, 2000


�Eartha is incredibly talented and innovative�
Dave Hall, WGCI Grand Blanc, MI


�Eartha is fabulous, sophisticated, and smooth as butter.�
Gina Ryder, KPAM Portland, OR


�During the EMI Gospel, Tommy Boy Gospel, and AFRT Music sponsored dinner, we were treated... Desmond Pringle, Kim Burrell, and EARTHA all gave exceptional performances.�
Lee Bailey, EURWEB/
The Weekend Report, Feb. 23, 2001


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